Rona Shaffran, poet


Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Rona Shaffran lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Ignite (Signature Editions, 2013) is her first published collection of poetry.


Ignite explores the bare bones of a relationship, nerves harrowed and   senses clenched as the poems move towards healing and intimacy. Her   approach to both love and the larger world has a black and white   precision to it, a snap in the telling that almost breaks your heart.   Language is used sparingly; it isn't until after a page has been turned   that you notice each line is bleeding just a little around the edges."

                                                  -Barry Dempster


If you would like to have a look at Ignite, you can find the hardcopy version at the Signature Editions web site.  It is also available through Amazon and Chapters, in the stores and online.  The ebook is available at Signature Editions and at other ebook distributors

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